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X-ray - Cross with boy revealing picture Xacjvrzqjhqzwoq - What you might do next? Xacto - *craft knife brand Xacto - Art class brand Xacto - Big name in precision blades Xacto - Big name in precision cutting Xacto - Big name in utility knives Xacto - Blade brand Xacto - Blade first made as a scalpel Xacto - Blade maker Xacto - Brand for hobbyists Xacto - Brand of blades Xacto - Brand of craft knife Xacto - Brand of craft knives Xacto - Brand of knife Xacto - Brand of utility knives Xacto - Craft knife brand Xacto - Craft knife name Xacto - Crafter's cutter Xacto - Crafter's knife brand Xacto - Cutting-edge company? Xacto - Hobby knife Xacto - Hobby knife brand Xacto - Hobby-knife brand Xacto - Hobbyist's cutting brand Xacto - Hobbyist's knife Xacto - Hobbyist's knife brand Xacto - Kind of knife Xacto - Knife brand Xacto - Knife brand used for crafts Xacto - Knife for a hobbyist Xacto - Knife handle? Xacto - Maker of the vortex electric pencil sharpener Xacto - Name in knife sets Xacto - Precise-sounding blade Xacto - Type of knife Xacto - Utility knife brand Xacto - Utility knife name Xacto - ___ knife Xactoknife - Hobbyist's blade Xactoknives - Hobby shop items Xam - Wee hour Xamount - An unknown quantity Xamount - Unknown quantity Xamount - Unspecified quantity Xanadu - "citizen kane" estate Xanadu - "in ... did kubla khan / a stately pleasure-dome decree" (coleridge) Xanadu - "stately pleasure-dome" of verse Xanadu - '80 olivia newton-john musical Xanadu - 'citizen kane' estate