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Vacancy - Lack of sense in position that's open Vacancy - It's taken both ways from european state, leaving gap Vacancy - Unfilled post in virginia prison, extremely cushy Vacancy - Unfilled post in virginia prison, extremely cushy Vacant - Undeveloped Vacant - Empty Vacant - Ready for occupation Vacant - Available to rent Vacant - Unoccupied Vacant - Without an occupant Vacant - Kind of stare Vacant - Available for rent Vacant - Devoid of thought Vacant - Empty, as a lot Vacant - Like some city lots Vacant - Like some stares Vacant - Word on an airplane bathroom door Vacant - Like rooms to rent Vacant - With 125-down, empty unit of land Vacant - Not occupied, perhaps apartment Vacant - Empty, unoccupied Vacant - Without an occupant or incumbent Vacant - Not occupied Vacant - Not filled, job or house Vacant - Empty, not occupied Vacant - Of house, not occupied at present Vacant - Not able at last to be unoccupied Vacant - Following five, there's nothing in a thing with nothing in it Vacant - For immediate lease, say Vacant - Briefly leave worker unoccupied Vacant - Empty container placed inside another Vacant - Empty one container into another Vacant - Virginia cannot 9 Vacant - 11 ÷ 11 = open Vacant - One container within another that's … Vacant - … container container container container of nothing Vacant - Empty - stupid Vacant - Unoccupied - unthinking Vacant - Like a lot without a lot Vacant - Empty vessel placed in large container Vacant - Virginia is quite incapable of being thoughtless Vacant - After holiday, worker is unemployed Vacant - Virginia is unable to be thoughtless Vacant - Empty container put inside another Vacant - Sort of property shared by fenton and mantel Vacant - Horse in a race Vacant - Empty vessel placed in another Vacant - Empty tin into large tank Vacant - Like sandlots Vacant - Is not engaged to virginia kant reportedly