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Answers on Jonesin' - от 2010-12-07:


Assist - Court stat One - Inseparable Beau - Gentleman friend Eros - Cupid's greek counterpart Whoa - "stop, horse!" Arc - Free throw path Tehee - Little giggle Hay - Bale stuff Wcs - Lavs Attains - Accomplishes Ann - Gothic novelist radcliffe Usa - "burn notice" channel Beapal - "c'mon, help me out here!" Wendtwilliams - "cheers" actor george attending a massachusetts college? Celeb - "people" newsmaker Jann - "rolling stone" co-founder wenner Guessnot - "well, there goes that option..." Each - "___ small candle" (roger waters song) Andto - "___ the republic for which it stands..." Mdvi - 1506, in roman numerals Kida - 2000 radiohead album Syd - Barrett once of pink floyd Art - Degas display, e.g Tds - End zone scores, briefly Billnight - End-of-the-day payment-fest? Breakin - Get past the lock Thank - Give props to Aaa - Gp. that provides road maps Tedbundt - Guy who knows his cake pans? Toots - Hits a bicycle horn Bee - Honey nut cheerios mascot Badword - It gets bleeped Italic - Leaning type type Wallst - Market sign? Local - Native Andrea - Newswoman mitchell Closer - Nine inch nails hit with the freaky video


Ash - Volcano spew Hai - Yes, in yokohama Sects - Religious offshoots Sermons - Sunday deliveries Altima - Nissan model Jut - Protrude Job - Nine-to-five Koi - Pond fish Beset - Surround Blt - Simple sandwich Oncue - With perfect timing Ose - Suffix for sugars Usbank - Obviously-named american financial giant Lindthop - One-legged maneuver for those chocolate balls? Caruso - Opera singer enrico Wombs - Ovens, so to speak Jun - Page 6, on some calendars: abbr Ernst - Physicist mach who coined the term "mach number" Pot - Poker stakes Baa - Ram noise Leiden - Rembrandt's city of birth Punktbrewster - Richard pryor title character with a big german dot on him? Onel - Scott turow bestseller Levers - Seesaws, really Epaulet - Shoulder decoration Uno - Skipbo relative Eelers - Some fish catchers Twirl - Spin around Intwo - Split ___ Leet - Super-cool computer geek language Slits - Tiny openings Ephesus - Turkish city that housed the temple of artemis Tmen - U.s. treasury agents Get - Understand a joke Shantih - Word repeated in t.s. eliot's "the wasteland" Bearhug - Wraparound greeting Handtool - Wrench or screwdriver