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Answers on Ink Well xwords - от 2010-12-31:


Yep - 'uh-huh' Hark - 'listen!' Amid - In Sci - Chem., for one Aeries - Hawk homes See - 'i told you!' Tat - Body art, briefly Oasis - 'bigger than god' band Justrelax - 'this won't hurt a bit ...' Sisqo - 'thong song' composer Aint - '___ wet' (prankster's rearrangement of a 'wet paint' sign) Mon - Address in jamaica Jolie - Adopter of many a foreign child Anti - An opponent of Nate - Archibald on 'gossip girl' Lolo - Barack's stepfather soetoro Ibank - Barclay's, e.g., casually Saks - Barneys competitor Coleman - Big name in coolers Sale - Blowout, perhaps Impei - Chinese-born architect Pin - Code entered to get cash Rally - Come back from behind Quip - Comment from jon stewart Amishcountry - Compilation album about drinking and troubles among the mennonites? Volcanicrock - Compilation album of hawaiian jams? Preciousmetal - Compilation album of sweet monster ballads? Boardinghouse - Compilation of electronic music perfect for getting on airplanes? Tips - Detective's leads Ousts - Directs a coup against Mock - Echo in a stupid voice, perhaps Zonk - Fall asleep, with 'out' Alien - Figure often depicted in green Acdc - First band, alphabetically, on many an ipod Kahlo - Frida played by salma hayek Opals - Gems that may be black Isao - Golfing senior aoki Asea - Gone fishing, say Con - Grifter


Ilia - Pelvic bones Oro - Spanish gold Orb - Sphere Thepolice - Sting operation? Rss - Web feed letters Iler - Robert of 'the sopranos' Blase - Jaded Ires - Infuriates Glen - Little valley Attic - It's often full of crap Cohost - James franco vis-a-vis anne hathaway, at the 2011 oscars Czech - Like some goulash Sexup - Make more exciting, as a news report Nori - Maki seaweed Peru - Mario vargas llosa's country Soso - Meh Ovals - Microsoft paint shapes Tahini - Middle eastern sauce Sinai - Mount in many a hospital name Steel - Pittsburgh product, once Ron - Politician paul Opqrs - Pre-t sequence Cds - Predecessors of mp3s Patty - Quarter pounder part Squeak - Rodent proof? Scene - Ruckus Monae - Singer janelle with 'tightrope' Suburbs - Sites of depictions of very normal american lives Aks - Some soviet guns, for short Ojo - Spanish body part Lice - Students may be searched for them in grade school Keys - They may be copied for a guest Buoys - They're often paired with gulls in maritime jokes Usna - Where john mccain went, in the 1950s: abbr Lsu - Where tigers play: abbr Job - Word after nose or hand One - Word before a lot of shouting and kissing, this friday night Cee - ___ lo green ('fuck you' singer) Pupu - ___ platter (chinese restaurant appetizer set)