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Answers on The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 27,242 от 2017-07-05:


Deacon - Clergyman receiving company of clergyman Freighter - About to enter aircraft carrier Tiffany - Argument with one us jeweller Skint - Broke the surface with triathlon leader Acton - Change a place in west london Shoddy - Chuck set about old clergyman? that's badly done! Scotch - Church supports tax for drink Holster - Composer's given the queen the case for carrying a weapon Defiant - Dicky fainted when challenging Terence - Dramatist has entree cooked with a tiny slice of chervil Boosts - Encourages catcalls around the street Trent - English flower romeo found in temporary accommodation Strict - Hard to control soldier leaving Yoghurt - Hugo! try exotic food Alexandra - I left egyptian city for a girl Cantilena - In spanish bar the french demonstrate vocal style


Promotion - Pushing for progress Inapt - It's not appropriate to sleep in it Myrtle - Looking for a woody plant to train? try elm Titian - Man of strength holds information for painter Scribes - Nazi bodyguard about to plagiarise eastern writers Swell - Old bob kindly provides balloon Riser - One getting up in the middle of a flight Tosca - Part of boito's cast in opera Inbadpart - Performing a poor role unfavourably Groundsel - Plant the spanish gardens first Oflate - Recently oscar got deflated by egghead Argonauts - Sailors demolished angostura Posed - Sat and asked Soprano - Singer given concession dashed round Sweeper - Society keener to get cleaner Offertory - Tender right-winger makes charitable donations