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Answers on The Telegraph - Cryptic от 2017-07-05:


Acidrain - A police squad getting tipple down, an ugly shower Cassoulets - Adjustments made to last scouse dishes Grit - Courage that's needed to deal with winter conditions? Sadists - Down is way back for such cruel people Shanghaied - Eastern city editor may be impressed Esoterica - Expert set up to keep tories spinning unusual items Upstairs - Flight destination Boneshaker - Form of transport of patissier, accepting he's no different Skulls - Heads needing to hear of rows Eyeball - Look closely at label designed to take you in Mislay - Lose roadkill seen in two parts Authorised - Officially sanctioned writer is shamed, lacking pretence Capitalgains - Perhaps london spirit's limiting a potential tax liability Ewers - Pots for producers of beer (not british) Laidaside - Saved ladies having gone astray, welcoming charity


Yellowing - Shouting about inside of bowl becoming discoloured Drafts - Sketches from a newspaper stocked by doctor's Troops - Soldiers love to be involved in raising game Igloo - Source of industrial ooze covering lake house Lengthen - Stretch student with english afterwards Playwithfire - Stupidly reply 'what if i take unnecessary risks?' Dashing - Stylish but frustrating? Eras - Times? european, and impetuous for the most part Modicum - Touch millions caught consumed by hatred? Schooled - Trained fish in group with backing of french Adoration - Trouble with allowance, love? Wadi - Two and six regularly used to get you a bed that's dry Miami - Us city area crossed by motorway twice Scars - Vehicle loaded on board ship showing signs of damage Oats - Vessels unloading the first crop