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Answers on The Telegraph - Cryptic от 2017-11-28:


Admission - A daughter calling for entry Austria - American wearing tiara assembled somewhere in europe Efforts - Attempts loudly to enter english citadels Outdoor - Best for female to go in the open air Toot - Blast back and forth Telephones - Calls: 'son, peel the bananas!' Windscreen - Car in sweden manufactured without a bit at the front Phrases - Chapters containing king's expressions Tanks - Cheers, abandoning hot military vehicles Cello - Cold greeting from eastender? bow is appropriate for that Spacecraft - Engineer accepts housing air force rocket, perhaps Sensation - Feeling tension developing around south america Later - Following cattle regularly in both directions Latin - Fool upset following the parisian's language Trouser - Jeans perhaps missing rear pocket Fell - Knock down chap with no exclamation of pain


Forgotten - Out of one's mind? Sailors - Mariners could make trouble with other ranks on board Noise - One enthralled by hooter's sound Earnest - Organ gang is burning Arrange - Organise a river journey Limbo - Prison wing exposed in the centre Interpret - Read pinter beginning to end and retain only 50% Granite - Rock climbing in secret in argentina Absence - Seaman oddly seeing crew showing non-attendance Remorse - Shame about detective on television Slow - Small and close to the ground -- like a tortoise? Cutting - Spiteful newspaper extract Ranch - Take stock in this bombed church Mess - The first person singular repeated in confusion Frightened - The fridge is rearranged to hold new chicken Harem - Women's quarters in which are muslims?