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Eases - Facilitates

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  • Eases - Letter on E
  • 1 - st. word E
  • 2 - st. word A
  • 3 - st. word S
  • 4 - st. word E
  • 5 - st. word S

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Eases - Abates Eases - Allays Eases - Alleviates Eases - Alleviates, relieves Eases - Ameliorates Eases - Applies less pressure (with "up") Eases - Assuages Eases - Assuages or slackens Eases - At last, 18 across gets to be not so severe Eases - Backs off (with "up") Eases - Backs off, with "up" Eases - Becomes less burdensome Eases - Becomes less jammed, as traffic Eases - Borders, margins Eases - Calms Eases - Comforts Eases - Comforts guys after loss of capital ... Eases - Comforts kids after beheading Eases - Decreases, as pain Eases - Deducting pound from rents gives relief Eases - Disburdens Eases - Doesn't force Eases - Dulls, as pain Eases - E's getting slack about the sea Eases - Enters slowly, with "in" Eases - Facilitates Eases - Fifty such lets there be some relaxation Eases - Fifty such may be let as it gets less Eases - Fifty such might be let get less of this Eases - Frees from pressure Eases - Gets less like this Eases - Gets less severe if they would be let follow fifty Eases - Goes effortlessly Eases - Greases the wheels for Eases - Greases the wheels for, say Eases - Has a palliative effect on Eases - Helps, as the pain of, say, existence Eases - How one sees a mixture that gets less strong Eases - If d is ahead of them, well, they're not Eases - It gets less and let follow fifty Eases - It's not so bad if one would let them follow fifty Eases - Lessens Eases - Lessens a load Eases - Lessens tensions Eases - Lessens the discomfort of Eases - Lessens, as a load Eases - Lessens, as discomfort Eases - Lessens, as pain Eases - Let 16 across have one of fifty such Eases - Let there be fifty such - it takes the pressure off Eases - Let there be fifty such and it gets slack Eases - Let there be fifty such if it's not so severe Eases - Let there be fifty such; it makes it less difficult Eases - Lets (up) Eases - Lets them follow these when they're not so tight Eases - Lets up Eases - Lightens Eases - Lightens the load Eases - Lightens up Eases - Lightens, as a burden Eases - Lightens, as a load Eases - Lightens, as one's load Eases - Loosens up Eases - Loosens, as restrictions Eases - Makes comfortable Eases - Makes less burdensome Eases - Makes less difficult Eases - Makes less severe Eases - Makes less stressful Eases - Makes less taut Eases - Makes less thorny Eases - Makes lighter Eases - Makes more bearable Eases - Makes more comfortable Eases - Makes more comfy Eases - Makes more tolerable Eases - Makes simpler Eases - Makes simpler terms for tenants, using no latin Eases - Makes tolerable Eases - Mitigates Eases - Moderates Eases - Mollifies Eases - Moves carefully Eases - Moves cautiously Eases - Moves gently Eases - Moves gingerly Eases - Moves slowly Eases - Moves slowly and carefully Eases - Moves very gradually or stops, avoiding maximum speed! Eases - Moves with care Eases - One might let fifty 13 downs be like this Eases - One might let there be fifty such? Eases - Palliates Eases - Provides comfort stops after leader goes Eases - Provides comfort stops when leader goes Eases - Reduces restrictions for Eases - Reduces, as pressure Eases - Relaxes Eases - Relaxes in azaleas, escaping Eases - Relaxes past the post Eases - Relaxes when student leaves classroom equipment Eases - Relaxes, as pressure Eases - Relents (with "up") Eases - Relieves Eases - Relieves pressure Eases - Relieves, as a difficult situation Eases - Relieves, as pain Eases - Relieves, as pressure Eases - Relieves, lightens Eases - Relieves, loosens Eases - Reposes Eases - See about as to how one gets slack Eases - Sees a manipulation provides relief Eases - Sees a new way, relaxes Eases - Sees about a way that maked it less severe Eases - Settles (into) Eases - Simplifies Eases - Slackens Eases - Slackens off Eases - Slacks off Eases - Slips Eases - Smoothes Eases - Smoothes, as the way Eases - Smooths Eases - Softens Eases - Softens, as a blow Eases - Some declare a sesame oil relaxes Eases - Soothes Eases - Soothes in the seven seas (essays) Eases - Stops after cutting 100 inches? Eases - Stops blowing top and relaxes Eases - Stops for execution and rests Eases - Stops going topless and relaxes Eases - Stops losing head and relaxes Eases - Stops short of a hundred, which facilitates things Eases - Tailors' allowances Eases - That takes the pressure off a double e and double s Eases - That's not so bad as to see up about as it Eases - The way one sees a mixture that is getting weaker Eases - They would let them follow fifty as it gets slack Eases - Uncomplicates Eases - Wanes Eases - What a relief it is to let them follow half a century Eases - Winds up ditching conservative as leader for moderates Eases - ___ up (relaxes)