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Gandhi - Leader called mahatma

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Gandhi - "the father of india" Gandhi - 14 (1982), the ninth supporting its predecessors Gandhi - 1982 film starring ben kingsley Gandhi - 1982 kingsley role Gandhi - 1982 oscar-winning film Gandhi - 1982 winner of eight academy awards Gandhi - 1982's best picture Gandhi - Best picture of 1982 Gandhi - Butcher's dismissing queen, greeting statesman Gandhi - Extremists in greenwich start to incite popular leader Gandhi - Family name of indian leaders Gandhi - Famous indian politician Gandhi - Father of independent india Gandhi - Film about collaboration between goering and hitler Gandhi - Follower of one side in the wars of the roses Gandhi - Former indian prime minister indira Gandhi - G, h and i wrapped in homespun (6)' Gandhi - Good and primarily humane leader of indians Gandhi - Great activist needlessly died helping india, initially Gandhi - Great article by deputy leader attracts attention to old statesman Gandhi - Great asian nationalist died helping india, initially Gandhi - Guerrilla leader also greeting hunger-striker Gandhi - Half go with greeting for indian leader Gandhi - Hindu campaigner heading for shake-up after ousting english Gandhi - I must follow a couple of predecessors as peaceful protester Gandhi - I'll succeed the two joint predecessors as an old ruler Gandhi - India's "father of the nation" Gandhi - India's indira Gandhi - India's mohandas Gandhi - Indian espousing simple life has ingredients for ghi Gandhi - Indian independence leader Gandhi - Indian leader Gandhi - Indian leader coming after two close predecessors? Gandhi - Indian leader with a statue in union square Gandhi - Indian leader, indira, assassinated 1984 Gandhi - Indian man of peace Gandhi - Indian nationalist and spiritual leader Gandhi - Indian nationalist heading for reform without english involvement Gandhi - Indian nationalist leader Gandhi - Indian political and spiritual leader Gandhi - Indian political and spiritual leader, assassinated 1948 Gandhi - Indian political dynasty Gandhi - Indian spinner who played leading role in getting england out Gandhi - Indian statesman Gandhi - Indians called him the "great soul" Gandhi - Indira -, former indian pm Gandhi - Indira -, indian pm Gandhi - Indira or rajiv Gandhi - Indira, rajiv or sonia Gandhi - Kingsley role Gandhi - Leader called mahatma Gandhi - Leader of indian independence movement Gandhi - Leader who preached non-violence Gandhi - Leader who said 'there is no god higher than truth' Gandhi - Look -- queen going out and greeting commonwealth pm! Gandhi - Mahatma -, indian leader Gandhi - Mahatma -; indira - Gandhi - Mahatma . . . . . ., great indian leader Gandhi - Mahatma . . . . . ., indian proponent of passive resistance to 14 down Gandhi - Mahatma ....., great indian leader Gandhi - National leader contributing to understanding -- and history Gandhi - National leader gets good greeting and is entertained Gandhi - National leader indicating succession in letters? Gandhi - National leader offering three letters in a row? Gandhi - Nationalist who was good with greeting Gandhi - Nonviolence advocate Gandhi - Nonviolent protest advocate Gandhi - Pacifist indian leader Gandhi - Pacifist leader during india's struggle for independence Gandhi - Peaceful protester's hand broken when arrested by soldier Gandhi - Practitioner of 12 imprisoned by goering and hitler Gandhi - Proponent of nonviolent protest Gandhi - Renowned vegetarian tucked into black pudding and hickory ham Gandhi - See 6 Gandhi - Some brigand hired to get national leader Gandhi - Spiritual leader's consecutive letters? Gandhi - Spiritualistic indian statesman Gandhi - Splendid welcome not right for resistance leader Gandhi - Statesman also slicing butter Gandhi - Statesman who's through firing and hiring? Gandhi - Subject of the opera "satyagraha" Gandhi - The father of india Gandhi - The mahatma Gandhi - Three letters, one after the other, for a spiritual leader? Gandhi - Time's 1930 man of the year Gandhi - Title role for ben kingsley Gandhi - Who said 'the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others' Gandhi - Whom indians called 'bapu' ('father')