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Didactic - Intended to teach

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Didactic - Did play, i see, by way of teaching Didactic - Did be playing, i see, at teaching Didactic - Did be on the stage to be instructive, i see Didactic - 'instructive, perhaps excessively so (8)' Didactic - Excessively instructive Didactic - Instructive, perhaps patronisingly Didactic - Took part in the play, i see, and that was instructive Didactic - Having a lecturing or moralising manner Didactic - Having the manner of one lecturing pupils Didactic - Having the manner of one lecturing students Didactic - Instructive, perhaps excessively Didactic - Instructive, perhaps overly so Didactic - Having the manner of one instructing pupils Didactic - Did arrive on arctic without right to be excessively informative Didactic - Intended to teach or instruct Didactic - Intended to teach Didactic - Did take action i see regarding how patronising teacher performs Didactic - Excessively lecture industrial development agency in washington with jerk Didactic - In the manner of a (domineering) teacher Didactic - Was in role in charge, like a school-teacher? Didactic - Imparting a lesson Didactic - (tale) with a message Didactic - Actually played a role, in charge of teaching Didactic - Edifying Didactic - Morally instructive Didactic - Used to be on stage, in charge of teaching Didactic - Fried dish in waste Didactic - As teacher used to do in class, initially Didactic - Had a role in charge of teaching Didactic - Accomplished airman with muscular movement giving instruction Didactic - Played a role with one at front of class giving lesson Didactic - Like a teacher, was effective with one class at first Didactic - Educational initiatives creating openings, accomplished performance coming first Didactic - Instructive Didactic - Performed the first part of play cold - very instructive! Didactic - Carried out work in charge of teaching Didactic - Performed play, in charge like a teacher Didactic - Did airman twitch when intended to teach? Didactic - Deputised in charge of teaching Didactic - Like teacher, one about to be faced with 'didn't do nothing!' Didactic - Splendid act i completed, partially educational Didactic - Part of splendid act i contrived teaching Didactic - Toured frozen zone, not finding river - that's instructive Didactic - Accomplished performance by one college plans to teach another a lesson Didactic - Turns up, police department guards it from villain - it's morally instructive Didactic - Addict, wrongly put in charge, is instructive