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Reran - Checked, as a computer program

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Reran - Aired "airwolf" Reran - Aired "i love lucy" Reran - Aired "i love lucy," e.g Reran - Aired "leave it to beaver" Reran - Aired "seinfeld," say Reran - Aired "the jackie gleason show" Reran - Aired a second time Reran - Aired again Reran - Aired again on tv Reran - Aired again, as an old episode Reran - Aired an "i love lucy" episode Reran - Aired an encore presentation of Reran - Aired an old show Reran - Aired anew Reran - Aired as a marathon Reran - Aired for binge-watching, say Reran - Aired over Reran - Aired over the summer, maybe Reran - Aired, as "hogan's heroes," say Reran - Aired, as old tv shows Reran - Anthologized, e.g Reran - Broadcast a second time Reran - Broadcast again Reran - Broadcast again for age in royal navy Reran - Broadcast again, as a classic film Reran - Broadcast an encore of Reran - Broadcast as an encore Reran - Broadcast more than once Reran - Campaigned again Reran - Campaigned for another term Reran - Checked, as a computer program Reran - Did an encore of Reran - Filled a second time slot with Reran - Gave a second airing Reran - Gave another airing Reran - Got more mileage out of Reran - Hurried over? Reran - Played again Reran - Played an old episode Reran - Played on tv again Reran - Played on tv land Reran - Played on tv land, say Reran - Played over Reran - Played shows during the writers' guild strike Reran - Played the movie again Reran - Printed again, as a story Reran - Printed in an anthology Reran - Printed over Reran - Published again Reran - Put back on Reran - Put back on, maybe Reran - Put on again Reran - Put on again right near model Reran - Raced off again, having bodged most of errand Reran - Screened again Reran - Screened over Reran - Showed a second time Reran - Showed a second viewing of Reran - Showed a show again Reran - Showed again Reran - Showed again on tv Reran - Showed again, as a film Reran - Showed again, as a program Reran - Showed again, as a tv broadcast Reran - Showed again, as an old show Reran - Showed an earlier episode Reran - Showed an episode of "e.r." now Reran - Showed anew Reran - Showed in syndication Reran - Showed in syndication, perhaps Reran - Showed in syndication, say Reran - Showed it again for final cover near switch Reran - Showed more than once Reran - Showed old movies Reran - Showed on tv again Reran - Showed on tv more than once Reran - Showed once more Reran - Showed over Reran - Showed, as a classic Reran - Slotted on the saturday prime-time schedule, perhaps Reran - Sought another seat Reran - Sought public office again Reran - Staged the race again Reran - Telecast over Reran - Televised again Reran - Tried to keep one's seat Reran - What f.d.r. did twice