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Attested - Swore

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Attested - Swore Attested - Certified under oath Attested - Authenticated Attested - Bore witness (to) Attested - Certified Attested - Vouched for Attested - Swore (to) Attested - Is the game not to get a spark from this? Attested - The way to get the riot into a tin with a prayer Attested - Was a witness at the set-up with edward Attested - 13 across starts in this date to be for witness Attested - You'd have sworn that the non-drinker had got the steed broken Attested - Witnessed a trial with a boy around Attested - You'd have been swearing if you did this and tried at it Attested - Bore witness to Attested - Provided evidence Attested - Affirmed to be true Attested - Declared that something was true Attested - Declared to be true Attested - Declared to be true or genuine Attested - Certified, vouched Attested - Make a date about the trial where one was a witness Attested - Witness that one bore and swore Attested - Sworn to have done this at court Attested - Examine one in the date as a witness Attested - 21 down in the 2 down in the witness box Attested - Try to get into the date as witnessed Attested - Witness a teetotaller with his steed Attested - Said under oath Attested - Swore to Attested - Bore witness Attested - Where cricket fans may be, top journalist affirmed Attested - Couples ending that hate? most need to be certified! Attested - Present for trial, editor provided evidence Attested - Confirmed date arranged to hold important match Attested - Bore witness to a tenor put through his paces Attested - Affirmed by oath Attested - Affirmed Attested - Tried to follow a source of trouble and gave evidence Attested - Watching international cricket, journalist's sworn Attested - Checked after a short time, and confirmed Attested - A temperature examined and reported in trial Attested - Vouched for watching cricket with england disheartened Attested - Bore witness to death, endlessly raving about trial