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Clove - Garlic segment

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Clove - -- hitch, kind of hitch knot Clove - A little garlic Clove - A small bulb as of garlic Clove - A spice many adore Clove - A spice; a garlic bulb Clove - About romance and tying the knot - no hitch? Clove - Affection by the hundred, buddy, is so tasteful Clove - After a century you'll adore it, buddy Clove - Aphorist leaving private school is capable of spicing things up Clove - Aromatic bud Clove - Baked ham spice Clove - Baked-ham spice Clove - Bay containing large aromatic bud Clove - Bay leaf initially overwhelmed in spice Clove - Bay leaf's first tossed in for seasoning Clove - Bisected and beheaded with affection Clove - Bit of garlic Clove - Bit of garlic in aspic? lovely Clove - Bud in a baked ham Clove - Bud used as spice Clove - Cavern rent by large split Clove - Characters in revival of 'under the volcano' creating split Clove - Chopped spice Clove - Clubs are partial to spice Clove - Constant adoration caused separation Clove - Cut spice Clove - Divided segment of garlic Clove - Dried flower bud spice Clove - Flower-bud dried as a spice yielding an essential oil Clove - Garlic bulb Clove - Garlic bulb part Clove - Garlic bulb segment Clove - Garlic hunk Clove - Garlic piece Clove - Garlic portion Clove - Garlic section Clove - Garlic segment Clove - Garlic unit Clove - Ham sticker Clove - Many adore a little garlic Clove - Part of a bulb Clove - Payment for hostage Clove - Piece of garlic Clove - Pungent spice clubs delight in Clove - Relative of a rose apple Clove - See the sound - and the taste - of affection Clove - Spam flavorer Clove - Spice Clove - Spice in some hams Clove - Spice, used whole or ground Clove - Spicy bud Clove - Spicy bud - section of garlic Clove - Split about nothing Clove - Split; spice Clove - This made tasty work for the cleaver Clove - ___ hitch