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Seedy - Rundown

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Seedy - 'well, it's not sounding in a sown sort of way (5)' Seedy - Adjective for burpee's business? Seedy - Bedraggled Seedy - Broken-down Seedy - Debilitated Seedy - Decrepit Seedy - Dilapidated Seedy - Disreputable Seedy - Down at the heels Seedy - Down-at-heel Seedy - Down-at-heel tramp finally abandons fast Seedy - Down-at-the-heel Seedy - Down-at-the-heels Seedy - Far from four-star Seedy - Far from posh Seedy - Far from spiffy Seedy - Far from swank Seedy - Far from swanky Seedy - Feeling bad in the way of sowing? Seedy - Five-star opposite? Seedy - Followers of ab, by the sound of it? well, no Seedy - Gone to pot Seedy - Grotty view from hollowed-out dinghy Seedy - Hardly luxurious Seedy - Hardly posh Seedy - Hardly swanky Seedy - Ill-kept, as a hotel Seedy - In sorry shape Seedy - Like a disreputable hotel Seedy - Like a dive bar Seedy - Like a fig Seedy - Like a fleabag Seedy - Like a fleabag hotel Seedy - Like a flophouse Seedy - Like a pomegranate Seedy - Like a run-down motel Seedy - Like a sesame bagel Seedy - Like a trashy motel room... or a well-strewn garden? Seedy - Like dive bars Seedy - Like fleabag hotels Seedy - Like kiwi fruits Seedy - Like pomegranates Seedy - Like rye, usually Seedy - Like skid row Seedy - Like some cakes quietly excluded from fast Seedy - Like some rye bread Seedy - Low-rent, maybe Seedy - Morally degraded Seedy - Moth-eaten Seedy - Nasty and squalid Seedy - Not at all swank Seedy - Not on the up-and-up Seedy - Not really nice Seedy - Not so nice Seedy - Not well turned out Seedy - Not well-kept Seedy - Not yet gentrified Seedy - Note by accredited agency ultimately providing run-down? Seedy - Off-colour Seedy - Off-colour? spot has a lot of colour Seedy - Out of sorts Seedy - Perhaps getting sown, by the sound of it? well, it's not Seedy - Pip is under the weather Seedy - Poor-sounding record Seedy - Poorly kept Seedy - Poorly kept music disc, to one listening Seedy - Poorly kept view from empty duchy Seedy - Poorly maintained, as a hotel Seedy - Ramshackle Seedy - Ramshackle, as a watermelon? Seedy - Raspberry jam might be off Seedy - Rather sick of following the ab, by the sound of it Seedy - Recording that's pronounced shabby Seedy - Report of neighbouring characters being disreputable Seedy - Run down Seedy - Run-down Seedy - Run-down church area by boundaries of deanery Seedy - Run-down in appearance Seedy - Run-down in appearance, as a hotel Seedy - Run-down in appearance, as a motel Seedy - Run-down of view on debussy's limits Seedy - Run-down sound of recorded device Seedy - Run-down spot on the outskirts of derby Seedy - Run-down, as a bar Seedy - Run-down, squalid Seedy - Rundown Seedy - Rundown in appearance Seedy - Shabby Seedy - Shabby followers of a bee Seedy - Shabby looking Seedy - Shabby seat for bishop, with metallic symbol Seedy - Shabby, as a motel Seedy - Shabby-looking Seedy - Sick of sowing, in a way Seedy - Sickly children coming up to the fourth of july Seedy - Sleazy Seedy - Sleazy, sordid Seedy - Slummy Seedy - Somewhat disreputable Seedy - Sordid Seedy - Sordid, squalid Seedy - Squalid Seedy - Squalid picture's extremely dirty Seedy - Squalid, sordid Seedy - Suspect, as some hotels Seedy - Unfit children end in reformatory Seedy - Unkempt and run-down Seedy - Unlikely to be in the travel guides Seedy - Unlikely to make the michelin guide Seedy - Unseemly compact disc is broadcast Seedy - Wretched Seedy - Zero-star, say