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Friar - Mendicant preacher

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Friar - Monastery figure Friar - Frock wearer Friar - Tuck of fiction Friar - Frock sporter Friar - Tuck's title Friar - Canterbury pilgrim Friar - Cowl wearer Friar - Noted roaster Friar - Tuck of legend Friar - Brother in a hood? Friar - Man with a mission Friar - Tuck, for one Friar - Mendicant monk Friar - Franciscan or dominican Friar - One in a mission Friar - Tuck, e.g Friar - __ tuck Friar - 'the canterbury tales' pilgrim Friar - Tuck or laurence Friar - Man with a mission? Friar - Robin hood's friend tuck, e.g Friar - Dominican, e.g Friar - 'the canterbury tales' traveler Friar - He helped juliet feign death Friar - Order member Friar - Monastery resident Friar - Tuck of sherwood forest Friar - Monastery member Friar - Man on a mission Friar - Sherwood forest figure Friar - Brother Friar - Monk Friar - Monastery man Friar - Man in a monastery Friar - He sounds as if he might be a chipmunk, by the sound of it Friar - Not a chipmunk, by the sound of it Friar - By the sound of it, that could be a chipmunk, perhaps Friar - Perhaps the chipmunk of the house Friar - Sounds as if he works in the house kitchen Friar - ..... tuck was one of robin hood's men Friar - Sounds as if he works in the kitchen when he's not working for the church Friar - One living life in order? Friar - His tale follows the wife of bath's Friar - Cloister denizen Friar - One whose begging is in order? Friar - Mendicant service revolves around religion Friar - Beggar finds scripture in revolutionary service Friar - Day with fighting unit doesn't get my man in order Friar - For example, drug supplier for 7, or murder investigator in … Friar - Member of religious order Friar - Romeo's adviser, for one Friar - Man on a mission? Friar - Mendicant priest Friar - Father admits academy produced one in the abbey Friar - Monk perhaps rather distant - right one to interrupt? Friar - Religious mendicant Friar - Cook, say, associated with balsam Friar - In uplifting service, he offers religious teaching? Friar - A long journey round teaching religion, for him Friar - Eg, a franciscan Friar - Religious brother Friar - Eg, a dominican Friar - Very much accepting religious teachings as this? Friar - Tuck in distant state Friar - Religious man Friar - Member of a mendicant order Friar - Title for tuck Friar - Scripture taken by distant brother Friar - - - tuck Friar - Mendicant Friar - This monk is one who may deal with monkfish, we hear! Friar - Mendicant preacher Friar - One following an order Friar - Brother, one boiling in oil, say? Friar - Father catches uplifting broadcast from the abbey Friar - Fellow robed in augustinian raiment initially Friar - Monastery title Friar - Robin hood's tuck Friar - __ tuck (robin hood pal) Friar - Day cleaning out inter­ior of antechamber gets one in order Friar - Summoner's rival in 'the canterbury tales' Friar - Male member of a mendicant religious order Friar - Religious person having spiritual class in remote surroundings Friar - Religious instruction accepted by distant monk Friar - Robin's tuck