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Odds - __ and ends (miscellany)

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Odds - 4:1, e.g Odds - 3 : 1, 5 : 2, etc Odds - Bookie's quote Odds - Betting ratio Odds - Lotto info Odds - Bettor's stat Odds - They may be against you Odds - 'what are the ___...?' Odds - Factor in decision-making Odds - Tout's tabulation Odds - Tout's concern Odds - Bookie's concern Odds - Chances Odds - They may be beaten Odds - 7:5, e.g., at a horse race Odds - Bettor's figuring Odds - Equalizing allowance Odds - Bookie's figures Odds - Likelihood ratio Odds - Hopefully they're in your favor Odds - 3:1, e.g Odds - Track data Odds - Handicapper's calculation Odds - Probabilities Odds - With 65-across, miscellany, when separated by 'and' Odds - 9 to 5, maybe Odds - Track info Odds - "against all ---" (phil collins) Odds - Likelihood Odds - Chances of success Odds - Bettor's inquiry Odds - Bettor's concern Odds - Bookie's computation Odds - Reason for a casino's edge Odds - Casino concern Odds - Lottery chances Odds - Bet equalizer Odds - Ratio of probability Odds - Racetrack info Odds - Otb data Odds - 2:1, e.g Odds - Probability Odds - Two to one, e.g Odds - Bookie's product Odds - Two-to-one, e.g Odds - Vegas line Odds - Ironically, they may be even Odds - They're not in your favor in reno Odds - 'against all ___' Odds - Betting chances Odds - 3:1 or 4:1, e.g Odds - Lottery likelihood Odds - Racetrack figures Odds - Bookmaker's numbers Odds - Betting parlor subject Odds - Vegas quote Odds - Tout's forte Odds - 6:1 or 3:2, say Odds - Line at the track Odds - Pari-mutuel listing Odds - Las vegas figures Odds - Race track figures Odds - Line at the otb Odds - Morning line, e.g Odds - Part of sweepstakes fine print Odds - Poker player's calculation Odds - They're uneven Odds - Long ones are risky Odds - Companion of ends Odds - Track numbers Odds - Probability quote Odds - Vegas calculation Odds - Pari-mutuel postings Odds - At ___ (disagreeing) Odds - Tote board data Odds - Parimutuel listing Odds - Roulette consideration Odds - Part of a sweepstakes's fine print Odds - They may be even, ironically Odds - Tote board info Odds - O.t.b. postings Odds - ___ and ends Odds - Bookie's figure Odds - Super bowl calculation Odds - They're sometimes stacked Odds - Cross-purposes Odds - Racetrack postings Odds - Croupier's offering Odds - Bookie's data Odds - Bookie's numbers Odds - Payout determiner, perhaps Odds - Track quote Odds - The longer they are, the riskier Odds - Handicapping factor Odds - Tote-board figures Odds - Track calculation Odds - Bookie's line Odds - Numbers on horses Odds - Tout's concerns Odds - Risks at the races Odds - 9 to 5, e.g Odds - They may be hard to beat Odds - They may be stacked Odds - Vegas numbers Odds - Hodgepodge half Odds - Tote board figure Odds - Racing form info Odds - Line on a horse Odds - Track postings Odds - 'the wizard of ___' (short-lived alex trebek game show) Odds - Part of a sweepstakes' fine print Odds - They're long in lotteries Odds - Action figures? Odds - Bettors' figures Odds - Betting info Odds - What a tout may tout Odds - Pari-mutuel numbers Odds - Track figures Odds - Line stat Odds - They're laid and played Odds - Toteboard tally Odds - Some calculations Odds - 'against all __' Odds - Ten to one, e.g Odds - Gambler's concern Odds - They're put on some horses Odds - Saratoga stats Odds - Bookmaker's concern Odds - Bookie's offer Odds - Even ___ Odds - 5:2, e.g., at a racetrack Odds - Bookie's stats Odds - Tout's numbers Odds - 'what are the ___?' Odds - Long ones are hard to overcome Odds - Horse bettor's concern Odds - Racing-form stats Odds - Racetrack posting Odds - Sweepstakes chances Odds - What gamblers figure Odds - Line at a track Odds - They could be in your favor Odds - Racetrack quote Odds - Bookmaker’s figures Odds - Betting quotes Odds - Track posting Odds - They usually end in "to one" Odds - Ten to one, for one Odds - Racetrack stats Odds - Betting stat Odds - They may be stacked against you Odds - Probability stats Odds - Wagering consideration Odds - Tout's topic Odds - They always favor the house Odds - One side in a count-off Odds - Outcome probabilities Odds - They may be defied Odds - Betting figures Odds - Gambler's concerns Odds - Racing-form info Odds - Race postings Odds - Betting probabilities Odds - Sweepstakes listings Odds - Long-shot winners defy them Odds - Tots up Odds - Ends partner Odds - Casino figures Odds - Bettor's numbers Odds - Casino calculations Odds - Handicapper's concern Odds - Racetrack stat Odds - Vegas figures Odds - Probability quotation Odds - 2:1 or 3:1 Odds - At __: arguing Odds - Unlikely winners defy them Odds - Betting statistics Odds - Betting line Odds - Bettor's figures Odds - Partner of 62-across Odds - By all ___ Odds - ___-on favorite Odds - They may be set in vegas Odds - Las vegas numbers Odds - Bookie's offering Odds - Betting concern Odds - Track figures Odds - Casino calculation Odds - Vegas concern Odds - Casino figure Odds - Track concern Odds - Vegas number Odds - Toteboard stats Odds - With 37-across and 44-down, miscellany Odds - Tote-board info Odds - Toteboard information Odds - -- and ends Odds - ____ and ends Odds - So you may bet on its turning up around a divine Odds - You can bet so that it comes up about the divine one Odds - Bet they're 9 across Odds - You can bet so that it comes back around the divine Odds - Bet they're not even on course Odds - They cannot even be laid, it seems Odds - Lay them so back around the divine Odds - They get laid, even if they're not Odds - Bet you're so wrong about the divine Odds - So it's up about doubled, perhaps for 5 down, maybe Odds - What you get from 1 down Odds - They're not even laid Odds - Bet they're not even laid Odds - Bookies give them Odds - The likelihood of something occurring rather than not Odds - The chances of something happening Odds - Bet that's what you'll get, of course Odds - Morning line Odds - They could be evens Odds - Ratios set by bookies Odds - Statistical advantage, casually Odds - They may be evens, even if they don't begin to be Odds - Can't even be for the better, perhaps Odds - Evens may be, though they don't seem like it Odds - Bet they're not even this Odds - Not even the first of 1 across will take them Odds - Bet they're not even Odds - __ and ends Odds - Excluding 4+2 it's 5-1 and 2/1 perhaps Odds - Ironically, they might be even Odds - Ends' counterparts Odds - Bookie's quotes Odds - It's divine to split outstanding chances Odds - The chances of racing Odds - Likelihood of getting in the red with dangerous limits Odds - Advantage at which disagreement arises Odds - Impressing theologian? fat chance! Odds - The chances of first finding big cups for ladies Odds - Starting price Odds - Chance Odds - Betting likelihood Odds - (in betting) chances Odds - Likelihood of something happening Odds - Measure of probability Odds - Love a theologian's chances Odds - Line in vegas Odds - Tote board posting Odds - Sweepstakes have long ones Odds - Matters of give and take between our betters Odds - 7:30 or 8:15, say Odds - Tote board stats Odds - Chances are they're on the books Odds - "against all ___" (phil collins) Odds - Line at the mgm grand Odds - Ends' associates Odds - Tip sheet figures Odds - 649,739 to 1 against being dealt a royal flush, e.g Odds - Betting quotation Odds - Bettor's concerns Odds - "what are the ___?" Odds - Gambler's numbers Odds - Figures affected by point spreads Odds - Partner of ends Odds - They're not in your favor in vegas Odds - Chances expressed as a ratio Odds - They may be even or long Odds - Handicapper's consideration Odds - Track chances Odds - 10:1, e.g Odds - At __ (disagreeing) Odds - Racetrack quotes Odds - Chances of winning Odds - Sports figures Odds - Ends' partners Odds - Mathematical chances Odds - Likelihood of something occurring Odds - Vegas posting Odds - Things not even given prices Odds - Likelihood of sailor having to keep two daughters? Odds - Estimate of likelihood Odds - Could they be evens? yes and no Odds - Chances of occurrence Odds - Perhaps even money at this is in dispute Odds - Extremists in sad demo will get picked up, in probability Odds - Chances are they can be against Odds - On derby day, select first places via these? Odds - Takes chances at the races? Odds - They are given before a race Odds - Price at which one has conflict Odds - Indicator of likely betting winnings Odds - They can be short or long Odds - They can be for or against Odds - Chances are they will be against Odds - Chance meeting of policeman and deity headed off Odds - They may be against Odds - Take chances here, which characters counsel abandons to save one Odds - Chances of dishing dirt? splendid, at first Odds - Betting rates Odds - Better to be aware of these before the event Odds - What's the starting price here? what does it matter? Odds - Unmatched son's chances Odds - Eccentric saint familiar to our betters? Odds - Price offered by inadequately stocked ladies' lingerie section? Odds - Partial darkness Odds - 10-to-1, for one Odds - One in a million, e.g Odds - Action figures Odds - They're about 1 in 650,000 for drawing a royal flush Odds - 5:2, e.g Odds - First four characters in 15 across found in bookies Odds - They give a better interest Odds - Windows, for example around departments, displaying price Odds - Variance Odds - Not even given second chances Odds - Gambler's chances Odds - Chances for scraps Odds - Not evens Odds - Old theologians taking chances Odds - Probability of overdose on drugs case Odds - Chances, probability Odds - Chances unconventional bit of stuffing Odds - The chances of rum truffles finishing? Odds - Every other thing offering a likelihood Odds - But they could be even for the better Odds - When bookmakers get worried they may change for the better Odds - Yet they may be evens Odds - Such characters sent back through side door Odds - Chances overdose before drugs case Odds - Removal of these from the ear will give her chances Odds - Nothing demanded outside ultimately diminishes chances Odds - Betting price Odds - Chances of happening Odds - Betting in excessive quantity by discontented depressives Odds - Price offered not even by head of smithsonian Odds - Could be evens? yes and no Odds - Unusual getting second chances Odds - Probability of dismissal drives salesmen using leads Odds - Theologian overwhelmed by abnormally large probability Odds - Racetrack figure Odds - See 33-across Odds - The likelihood of finding double d in outsize? Odds - Preakness postings Odds - Bookies know them Odds - What touts tabulate Odds - Opens outside door for detective? there's a good chance of that! Odds - The likelihood of our darkest days spent at summits Odds - The likelihood of our darkest days with heads at school Odds - Toteboard numbers Odds - Bookie's ratio Odds - Partner of 9-down Odds - With 37- across and 44-down, miscellany Odds - __ and ends (miscellany) Odds - Things noted at the racetrack Odds - Bettor's figurings Odds - Aqueduct posting Odds - Finish school with abnormal chances of doing something Odds - Strange school figures you'd associate with accountant Odds - Leaders of other democracies deserving second chances Odds - Probability of large bust in outsize clothing Odds - 50:50, e.g Odds - Specific chances Odds - Handicapper's figures Odds - Gambler's calculation Odds - Lottery numbers Odds - Line at the bookie's Odds - They may be long Odds - Numbers for those who can't even? Odds - They give a better price Odds - Evens maybe -- or maybe not Odds - They give better prices Odds - Parimutuel calculation Odds - Vegas postings Odds - Tote board figures Odds - Tote board stat Odds - 10 to 1, say Odds - Tote board listings Odds - Tote board postings Odds - They're laid unevenly Odds - Bits sourced as appropriate from old vdus? Odds - Postings at the preakness Odds - Betting numbers Odds - They're long in a lottery Odds - Tip sheet statistics Odds - What bookie offers ultimately to defraud bad betters Odds - Bookie's calculation Odds - 10:1 at a racetrack, e.g Odds - Phil collins: "against all ___" Odds - Collins: "against all ___" Odds - "and you coming back to me, is against all ___" (phil collins) Odds - They're against starving artists Odds - Phil collins "against all ___" Odds - What phil collins was "against" Odds - The music "inconceivable ___" Odds - "inconceivable" to the music? Odds - Collins "against all ___" Odds - Mutemath song about bookie's chances? Odds - Tour chances Odds - They're against struggling artists Odds - They're against talentless bands Odds - Phil collins "against all ___ (take a look at me now)" Odds - What phil collins was "against"? Odds - Santa anita figures Odds - Sweepstakes rules info Odds - Probability evens out in old odes Odds - Bettor stats Odds - Poker pro's concern Odds - Probability ratio Odds - I ran away from androids - what are the chances of that? Odds - Kentucky derby postings Odds - Bookie's calculations Odds - Things are unlikely when they are long Odds - They're often tough to beat Odds - Sports-betting figures Odds - Betting stats Odds - Chances of having died in overdoses Odds - Ends' predecessor Odds - Ends' companions Odds - 10:1, for example Odds - Not even second chances Odds - Numbers on right-hand pages Odds - Racing form figures