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Hear - Take, as testimony

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  • Hear - Letter on H
  • 1 - st. word H
  • 2 - st. word E
  • 3 - st. word A
  • 4 - st. word R

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Hear - "do you ___ me, do you care?" Hear - "i can't ___ you!" Hear - "i just won't ___ of it" Hear - "i ___ you, man" Hear - "now __ this!" Hear - "now ___ this!" Hear - "___ me out!" Hear - '... ___ no evil ...' Hear - 'did you ___ that?' Hear - 'it's agreeing to double this on approval, by the sound of it (4)' Hear - Act as a judge Hear - Act as judge in this case, so to speak Hear - Are informed at this point verbally Hear - Be all ears Hear - Be informed a woman got incarcerated Hear - Be informed of Hear - Be the judge in Hear - Be told: "take this from mouth!" Hear - Beasties "alright ___ this" Hear - Catch Hear - Catch champion almost pinching article Hear - Catch some waves? Hear - Catch that female pinching article Hear - Catch that woman palming ace Hear - Catch wind (of) Hear - Catch wind of Hear - Catch with one's ears Hear - Catch, in a way Hear - Consider Hear - Consider in court Hear - Consider judicially Hear - Consider officially Hear - Consider officially, as a judge Hear - Consider, as a case Hear - Consider, as a high court Hear - Consider, as in a high court Hear - Consider, judicially Hear - Detect in a sense Hear - Discover endless source of love Hear - Do a judge's task Hear - Eavesdrop Hear - Eavesdrop on Hear - Eavesdrop successfully Hear - Employ a certain sense Hear - Employ a sense Hear - Find out Hear - Find out (about) Hear - Find out about Hear - Find out, catch and try Hear - Get from the grapevine Hear - Get it, by the sound of it Hear - Get news Hear - Get news Hear - Get news of Hear - Get the message Hear - Get the message, in a way Hear - Get the news Hear - Get this, by the sound of it Hear - Get wind of Hear - Get wind of it at both ends of hebrew calendar Hear - Get word Hear - Half an approval Hear - He has a right to receive information Hear - It's agreed to double this Hear - It's so agreeable to get the sound of this at the double Hear - Judge in this place, we're told Hear - Learn Hear - Learn (about) Hear - Learn (of) Hear - Learn about Hear - Learn about aurally Hear - Learn about some cr?me de menthe - a refreshment Hear - Learn in passing Hear - Learn of Hear - Learn via the grapevine Hear - Lend an ear Hear - Listen Hear - Listen and learn Hear - Listen and pay attention Hear - Listen in Hear - Listen to Hear - Listen to bach's final piece with organ Hear - Listen to endless organ Hear - Listen to the man with car failing to start! Hear - One 31 across with this at the double Hear - One who 2 down will this at the double in agreement Hear - Pay attention to judge Hear - Perceive (a sound) Hear - Perceive (sound) Hear - Perceive audibly Hear - Perceive aurally Hear - Perceive by the auditory sense Hear - Perceive sound Hear - Perform a judge's function Hear - Perform a judicial function Hear - Pick up Hear - Pick up courage no end Hear - Pick up from being a little disheartened Hear - Pick up on Hear - Pick up with your head Hear - Pick up, aurally Hear - Pick up, in a way Hear - Present picked up for judge Hear - Preside over Hear - Preside over, in court Hear - Receive word Hear - Rolling stones "almost ___ you sigh" Hear - Sense, as a 14-across Hear - Sense, in a way Hear - Take in aurally Hear - Take in some music Hear - Take in, as testimony Hear - Take testimony from Hear - Take the testimony of Hear - Take, as oral arguments Hear - Take, as testimony Hear - That would make it to get sound Hear - That's a sound sort of thing to do Hear - The fellow has a right to 9 Hear - The guy has a right to try Hear - This is the place, by the sound of it Hear - This is the sound of the place to get sound Hear - Try Hear - Try (in court) Hear - Try at this place as reported Hear - Try bach's final piece on organ Hear - Try finding a suit with one third off Hear - Try getting into the army Hear - Try in court Hear - Try in this place to get listened to Hear - Try speaking here Hear - Try to attend Hear - Try to catch what's said Hear - Try to cut leader out Hear - Try to listen Hear - Try to listen! Hear - Try to pick up Hear - Try to show courage, lacking character in the end Hear - Try to show unending courage Hear - Try when courage runs short Hear - Try, as a case Hear - Tune in Hear - Tune in to Hear - Use one of the senses Hear - Use one's 106-across Hear - Use the ears Hear - What you can do with this when the top is removed Hear - When doubled, a cry of approval Hear - When doubled, a shout of approval Hear - When repeated, "amen!" Hear - When repeated, "great speech!" Hear - When repeated, "i agree" Hear - When repeated, "well said!" Hear - When repeated, 'amen!' Hear - When repeated, 'great speech!' Hear - When repeated, a cry of approval Hear - When repeated, word of agreement Hear - When repeated, words of agreement Hear - Word between now and this Hear - ___ 'n aid