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Licit - Allowed

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  • Licit - Letter on L
  • 1 - st. word L
  • 2 - st. word I
  • 3 - st. word C
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  • 5 - st. word T

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Licit - Allowable Licit - Permissible Licit - On the up and up Licit - Legal Licit - Authorized Licit - Allowed Licit - On the law's side Licit - Lawful Licit - Legitimate Licit - Permitted by law Licit - Sanctioned Licit - Within the law Licit - Ok, legally Licit - Kosher, so to speak Licit - Morally acceptable Licit - Permitted Licit - On the up-and-up Licit - Kosher Licit - Allowed by law Licit - Okay Licit - Okay legally Licit - Okay to do Licit - Ok to do Licit - Aboveboard, so to speak Licit - Okay, legally Licit - On the level Licit - Ok Licit - Cool, legally Licit - Lawful in an old-fashioned form, i see, to be lighted around it Licit - Allowed as by law, not forbidden Licit - Allowed, not forbidden Licit - Not forbidden, allowed Licit - It makes l awful if i see it at last Licit - Lawful to have lighted about 1100 Licit - Fifty-one hundred it allowed Licit - Student i quoted ok? Licit - Proper extract executed? Licit - Draw drug off that's within the law Licit - Solicitor being over-legal Licit - Legitimate or legal Licit - Ok legally Licit - Lawful, permitted Licit - Not crooked Licit - Implied expelling mischief-maker is lawful Licit - Garlic - italians hold this quite permissible Licit - Not forbidden, lawful Licit - Acceptable feature of publicity Licit - Element of publicity that's not banned Licit - Fast pace cut back; it is permitted Licit - Proper happiness doesn't need clairvoyant around Licit - So this would be to entreat, as permitted Licit - Some felicitations may be in order Licit - Not forbidden Licit - Heading off to draw out what's permitted Licit - What can one do with lolly with no end of stick allowed? Licit - Allowed starters for lunch ideally consumed with wine Licit - Not all unsolicited advertising permitted Licit - Legal officer restricting company once Licit - Jersey, etc, kept in nancy's bed, above board Licit - Lawful to petition for? not so Licit - Legitimate request? not so Licit - According to law Licit - Lawful request? not so Licit - I get cold in french bed, but that's allowable Licit - Literature includes one chapter following the rules Licit - Legal officer's housed here in paris Licit - What's central to solicitor, in relation to law Licit - Petition that's not so good for lawyer Licit - Some symbolic items are permitted by law Licit - Over half of publicity is allowable Licit - Just army officer patrols here in calais Licit - Authorised army man circulates here in france Licit - Legally ok Licit - Allowed by the courts Licit - Legally permitted Licit - Permitted army officer to shelter here in france Licit - Within the rules Licit - Allowed in charge, having landed outside Licit - Allowed legally Licit - Legal officer's trapped here in france Licit - Permissible by law Licit - Aboveboard and legal Licit - Above board Licit - Above board