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Despot - Saddam hussein, e.g

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Despot - Saddam hussein, e.g Despot - Democrat's opponent? Despot - Vlad the impaler, e.g Despot - Ironfisted one Despot - Qaddafi, for one Despot - Ruthless ruler Despot - Tyrannous type Despot - Papa doc duvalier, e.g Despot - One with an iron fist Despot - Tyrannical leader Despot - Totalitarian ruler Despot - Tyrant Despot - Banana republic head Despot - Absolute ruler Despot - Autocrat Despot - Oppressor Despot - Ironfisted type Despot - Idi amin, notably Despot - Tough ruler Despot - Emperor, e.g Despot - Kim jong-il, e.g Despot - Tsar or emperor Despot - Iron-fisted ruler Despot - Tyrannical ruler Despot - Czar Despot - It takes a tyrant to dispose of the rash, perhaps Despot - Tyrant, dictator Despot - Posted by tyrant Despot - Posted to tyrant Despot - Cruel and oppressive dictator Despot - Tyrannical dictator Despot - Cruel dictator Despot - Posted to tryant Despot - Posted off to the tyrant Despot - Tyranical dictator Despot - Posted to the tryant Despot - Tyrant, oppressor Despot - Posted to a tyrant Despot - A ruler with unrestricted power Despot - Tyrant, slave driver Despot - It takes a dictator to get rid of the black mark Despot - 65-across, e.g Despot - Tyrant to get rid of mark, perhaps? Despot - Leading serviceman in store had complete authority Despot - Military station captures second tyrant Despot - He has the power to cut blades - grass? Despot - Man of power posted abroad Despot - Tyrant executes journalist, having been sent up Despot - Tyrant drank up swallowing last glass Despot - He has absolute control of the french vessel Despot - Order posted by tyrant Despot - Posted (anag) Despot - Made pets do it for oppressor Despot - Dictator Despot - Ironfisted ruler Despot - Ruler with absolute power Despot - Head of state locked in warehouse, the tyrant Despot - Ruler who rules by force Despot - One exploiting rule of french spy Despot - Arbitrary ruler Despot - Autocrat needing to clean up? Despot - Tyrant initially serving in regimental hq Despot - Absolute ruler, tyrant Despot - Cruel absolute ruler Despot - Clean up the reputation of a monster? Despot - Caesar for one act like lady macbeth? Despot - Cruel ruler Despot - Possibly 4 succeeded in headquarters Despot - Oppressor some of the french shoot at Despot - Oppressive ruler Despot - Coup target Despot - Harsh ruler Despot - Posted (anag.) Despot - In the warehouse, the first supervisor is a tyrant! Despot - He dictates what the cleaning fluid should do Despot - Autocrat keeps spades locked in warehouse Despot - Arsenal taking first shot - powerful one Despot - Eradicate the smirch of "oppressor"? Despot - A tyrant needs to look after the lower socio-economic groups Despot - Dictator in terminal receiving head of state Despot - Sixth sense possessed by dorothy finds tyrant Despot - A tyrant's place supporting lower socio-economic groups Despot - Dictator's son locked in warehouse Despot - Tyrant's clean? Despot - Tyrant's place on the outskirts of dundee Despot - Dictatorial leader of french facing awkward situation Despot - Tyrant posted abroad Despot - Head of state within military establishment could be this Despot - Little man with big belly who treats others badly? Despot - Oppressor free of blemish? Despot - Tyrant giving drug to small boy Despot - One harshly rules what one can't do to a leopard? Despot - Tyrant posted at sea Despot - Posted different letters to ruthless leader Despot - Unrestricted ruler Despot - Cruel and absolute ruler Despot - Bully has knocked over the wimbledon favourite - 'e is knocked out! Despot - Order posted for tyrant Despot - Tyrant installing son in base Despot - Kim jong un, for one Despot - Bully drank up, putting away last of chablis