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Urban - City-based

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Urban - Kind of sprawl Urban - Like some legends Urban - Word with "renewal" or "sprawl" Urban - Word with development or sprawl Urban - Citified Urban - City-related Urban - Word with "blight" or "guerrilla" Urban - Rural's opposite Urban - Name of eight popes Urban - About the city Urban - Word with renewal or sprawl Urban - Living in the city Urban - Like travolta's cowboy Urban - ___ sprawl Urban - Congested, say Urban - __ renewal Urban - Type of sprawl Urban - Built-up Urban - Type of legend or renewal Urban - Word with blight or guerrilla Urban - Type of legend Urban - Kind of renewal Urban - Metropolitan Urban - Concentrated, in a way Urban - Part of hud Urban - Kind of planner Urban - Like cities Urban - Opposite of rural Urban - Built up Urban - "___ cowboy" Urban - Densely packed, in a way Urban - Like city folk Urban - Hardly rural Urban - Word before blight or sprawl Urban - Renewal type Urban - Not rural Urban - Of cities Urban - Country star keith Urban - ___ legend (modern-day myth) Urban - Of the city Urban - With 4-down, 'roger & me' subject Urban - Kind of legend or renewal Urban - Euphemism in album categorization Urban - Kind of renewal or sprawl Urban - __ sprawl Urban - From the city Urban - City-based Urban - Municipal Urban - This might forbid an old city from being so like a city Urban - The way to run around with a degree, but not in this country Urban - Town prohibition not for the country Urban - Burn a mixture, not in the country Urban - Relating to the city Urban - Of towns and cities Urban - Of town or city Urban - To do with or about cities Urban - To do with cities Urban - Of or about city areas Urban - Situated in city or town Urban - Relating to city life Urban - Country singer keith Urban - Old city outlaw is like some myths maybe Urban - See 11 Urban - Ancient city prohibition applies to all cities Urban - Game up with outlaw in town Urban - Built-up pope Urban - From a city, one in africa (not capital) Urban - Not from the country of original prohibition Urban - City game to lift boycott Urban - Of town Urban - Town-dwelling Urban - Of the town Urban - Music genre Urban - Type of sprawl or renewal Urban - Your bar is not in the country Urban - ___ outfitters, clothing retailer Urban - City - pope Urban - Word before renewal or sprawl Urban - One of eight popes Urban - Type of renewal or sprawl Urban - Strained euphemism for 'black' Urban - Catch game being shown all over town Urban - Headdress for the pope, not crown Urban - Living in a town Urban - Could be wilde, or even lil' Urban - Pope putting interdiction on old city Urban - Come on, she was urged by the dexy's Urban - Not a country boy, this pope? Urban - Pope departs from african city Urban - Relating to city or town Urban - The pope' in town Urban - City rugby backs get suspension Urban - Relating to a city Urban - Headdresses seen in the centre of town Urban - City that's civilised out east Urban - Relating to town/city Urban - City game to withdraw embargo Urban - Relating to cities Urban - Relating to a town Urban - Pope in town Urban - Relating to built-up areas Urban - Accurate description of old city bar Urban - City landlord finally leaving s african port ... Urban - Relating to a city/town Urban - City Urban - Relating to a town or city Urban - Abraham's birthplace has to proscribe municipal status Urban - Designation for heads of vatican city, or of any city Urban - __ legend Urban - Pope away from the country? Urban - Name of a number of popes coming from town Urban - City university graduate in the navy Urban - Non-rural Urban - Civic Urban - Municipal place in south africa is roofless? Urban - City tour's not allowed to stop Urban - Of a town Urban - Non-democratic port city Urban - Belonging to a city Urban - Pontiff averse to the countryside? Urban - Mixed bar in a french town Urban - Like rome, say, for more than one pope Urban - City's entrepreneur bankrolls jails Urban - Sa city, no capital city Urban - Situated in a city, elegant for the most part Urban - Relating to towns Urban - Pope's part in our banishment Urban - In the city Urban - City's wingers in uproar stop playing? Urban - Name of several popes Urban - Type of legend or sprawl Urban - Hardly pastoral Urban - Nothing overlooked in the times's exclusion of the city Urban - Like the area between city and farm Urban - Like some planning Urban - Of towns or cities Urban - Word with legend, sprawl, or blight Urban - ___ outfitters Urban - Word with legend or sprawl Urban - Like city residents Urban - R&b/soul spinoff genre Urban - Hip-hop radio format Urban - "you'll think of me" keith Urban - Like the battle of aleppo Urban - Adjective for 81-across Urban - Around the city Urban - Experiencing congestion, say Urban - Type of legend or cowboy Urban - Far from rural Urban - ___ studies (college major) Urban - City tour not to stop Urban - Name adopted by eight popes: built-up Urban - Content to disturb a nuisance from the city Urban - Type of "cowboy" in a film title Urban - Mostly civilised, like london or manchester? Urban - (of the) city Urban - Name of eight popes, the last one dying in 1644 Urban - Timeless headgear for old pope? Urban - ___ outfitters (retailer) Urban - __ dictionary Urban - Old pope from the city